Top 6 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2019

    Before it was shut down, Kickass Torrents was the most famous file-sharing site. Unfortunately, in July 2016, owner of the website Artem Vaulin was arrested by the United States Department of Justice and he was charged with many money laundering and copyright offenses. This was the end of the real Kickass Torrents, popularly abbreviated  KAT.

    Shortly after the short down of Kickass torrent, many mirror websites emerged on the internet, but the copycat sites were later shut down just like the original KAT.

    In a bid to resurrect kickass torrent, a group of the genuine staff and dedicated movie uploaders of the original kickass torrent redirected visitors or traffic to a new movie streaming website, known as katcr.co, and despite the fact that it was relaunched in 2019, the new site has struggled to reach the popularity of the original kickass torrent.

    The new website doesn’t have the content or reliability of the original kickass torrent site as it is prone to frequent downtimes, and it is still illegal to be accessed in several countries.

    The good news is that several other Torrenting websites are good and reliable alternatives to Kickass torrents. When one torrent website gets banned, before you say, Jack Robinson, another one pops up and everyone is fine.

    In the course of this article, we’ll recommend six alternatives to the Kickass torrents site.

    Top 10 Kickass Torrents Alternatives are as follows:

    1. Torrentz2:

    screensshot taken from Torrentz2.eu sites

    Interestingly, Torrentz2.eu is not a torrent hosting website. With that in mind, it is safe to say that it isn’t a true torrent website. It is a search engine for various torrents. Meaning, Torrentz2 searches for other torrent site trackers.

    Its operation is fast and simple for all kinds of users. It was designed to replicate the features of the banned Torrentz.eu engine. And this search engine made no bones of the fact either. Torrentz2 fairly carried out its task.

    Torrentz2 is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for extremely old content. Torrentz2 is so reliable that whatever is not on it at this point, it’s probably not online. While a lot of us still miss the banned Torrentz website, Torrentz2 is doing a fair job at making up for the unfortunate loss.

    2.The Pirate Bay:

    screensshot taken from The pirate bay sites

    Prior to the popularity of Kickass Torrents, there was a site called The Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay has existed for as long as kickass torrents have been online. And knowing that The Pirate Bay was never caught in the horrific Kickass Torrents web makes everyone feel that the site will survive for many more years to come. The founder of The Pirate Bay has even gone to jail at some point but the website somehow survived the ban.

    At the moment, The Pirate Bay remains the most famous and the best-known torrent site online. Exactly the reason you will come across only about any major torrent on this site. Having said that, the website design has become a bit obscure now; something must be done to make it more appealing and user-friendly for users of this century.

    3. ExtraTorrent:

    screensshot taken from extratorrent.cc sites

    The initial ExtraTorrent was a famous torrent website, similar to KickassTorrents. Sometime in 2016, the original ExtraTorrent became the second-largest torrent website in the world, but it was shut down voluntarily by those who own it. Whatever you see in that name today are only mirrors of the original ExtraTorrent.

    One of such mirror of the original site is www.extratorrent.si/, which happen to be the only mirror of ExtraTorrent that is managed by the moderators of the initial site. Some mirrors of ExtraTorrent. We sincerely recommend you use extratorrent.si for the sake of safety.

    4. Zooqle:

    screensshot taken from zooqle sites

    This torrent tracker, called Zooqle is a good alternative to KickassTorrents. Although the website has more than 3.5 million genuine torrents, with about 2,000 torrents added continuously daily, it has since attracted little attention. Notwithstanding, Zooqle already has some alternative domains in place ready.

    To enjoy get the best experience on Zooqle, make sure you create an account, which will permit you to subscribe and activate RSS feeds. That lets you get alert the moment a new episode of your favorite movie or TV show is available on the site.

    5. Torrents.io:

    screensshot taken from torrents.io sites

    The Torrents.io site combines famous torrent sites and customized private trackers in a multi-search torrent. Aside from that, users can easily add their favorite torrent websites.

    Torrents.io has in its library all the best Torrent Sites of 2019. Over 600 torrent websites and trackers that are invite-only, ranked only by traffic numbers and rating to give some orientation in the torrent website jungle.

    6. KickassTorrents.to:

    screensshot taken from kickasstorrents.io sites

    KickassTorrents was a site that offered a directory for several torrent files and crowd-pleaser links to ease file sharing among peers with the use of BitTorrent protocol. The site was founded sometime in 2008 and by 2014, KickassTorrent became the most visited of all the Torrents in the world, surpassing The Pirate Bay, as per Alexa ranking.

    KickassTorrent went offline in 2016 when the domain of the site was seized by the government of the United States. The proxy servers of the website were shut down by staff of KAT at the same time.

    In 2016, former staff members of KickassTorrent sort of revived the KickassTorrent community by designing a new website with features and appearances of its predecessor.


    Truly, the original KickassTorrents is no longer available on the internet to watch and download movies and TV shows, but there’s no paucity of great alternatives to KickassTorrents that avail similar or even better selection of torrents, as listed above. We have only selected the 6 best KickassTorrents alternatives in 2019 in this article, but there are a lot more out there, such as YTS, 1337x, RARBG, LimeTorrents, NordVPN and lots more.

    It is worthy to note that not all torrent websites are as reliable and trustworthy as the original KickassTorrents used to be, hence, its better you stick with the six listed here.

    So, above are some of the replacement torrent websites for the year 2019 that lovers of online movies can visit to satisfy their movie hunger in the absence of KickAssTorrents.


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