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    Best Tablet For Kids 2019: Great tablets for children

    Without a doubt, the 21st-century kid likes tablets, and with developers investing so much into creating numerous child-friendly educative and entertaining content, the reason why is obvious.

    If you intend to buy your child a tablet computer, we can help you achieve this dream. You need not move from one store to the other in the search for the best kids tablet to buy. We have reviewed in this post the best and pocket-friendly kids tablets you can find in the market today.

    Age is a major factor to consider before you buy your kid a tablet. May online stores today have made Kids Edition versions for most of their best-selling tablets? Surprisingly, they are way more costly than the standard version editions but has in it a huge case, as well as warranty up to two-years that covers damages as a result of an accident, and then a year’s subscription which comes with a good range of games, videos apps, and books.

    How do you choose the Best kids tablets?

    Before you deep your hands into your hard-earned money, it’s important to consider factors like battery life, screen size, and many more important specifications. The best kid’s tablet comes with the major specs mentioned above.

    Looking through specs is seen as a waste of time as they rarely tell you how good a kid’s tablet is. The most important things to consider before buying a kid’s tablet are screen size and battery life.

    Since children spend a lot of hours on their tablets, it important you buy them a kid’s tablet with last longing battery. A kid’s tablet that could last about five to six hours. A good kid tablet should be able to charge over USB, because of cases of long car journeys.

    The screen size must also be considered as younger kids will do well to handle a 7in tablet rather than a 10in tablet. The 7in tablet screen comes handy for younger kids.

    Since kids nowadays are impatient, consider the RAM and processor speeds before you buy any kid’s tablet. Reading the reviews will give our in-depth knowledge of the processor speed

    Storage is very important as you might have to delete videos, music, apps, and photos each time capacity is full if you buy a tablet with no MicroSD card slot. It is advisable to buy a gadget with as much internal and external storage as you can.

    1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition:

    If you are not a fan of Google and care less about their apps on your kid’s tablet then this tablet is tailor-made for you. It’s cheap, has a better and larger screen than the Fire 7.

    Alexa hands-free or the clever Show Mode dock can be paired with this device to get a cheap smart display to use at home. This device is also appropriate to watch video on Netflix.

    1. Apple iPad Mini 2:

    In an age of larger smartphones, the iPad mini proves it is still useful and desirable. It comes with an A12 processor at a cheap base price. This device, made by Apple is the smallest tablet with a tiny powerhouse of all computers made by Apple.

    Truly, the design might be out of vogue, but with the addition of a touch Pencil support and a good battery life, Apple has re-invented the iPad mini.

    3. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition:

    The storage of this device doubles its predecessor. Fire 7 comes with a little bit better front camera and three new colors that make the device extra attractive. Though has no noticeable improvement in features and performance, I can assure you that this is the best Kids tablet you can get for as little as $50.

    1. Kurio Smart:

    This device is close to great. The Kurio Smart combines child profiles with decent apps and proper Android tablets. However, they need to work on better screen quality and slicker software.

    If you find the device at about £80, it’s a good value, but at £99, you should check out the Amazon’s Fire Kids Edition that has a year’s subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited and a warranty up to 2 –years that covers damages as a result of an accident. It may not have Google apps and Android, but it has a better screen.

    1. LeapFrog Epic:

    The LeapPad3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi series are specially built-for-kids, and they have similar functionality and specifications. The Ultra XDi has a 7in screen and twice the storage capacity of LeapPad 3 with a 5in screen. Research indicates younger kids will prefer the one that comes with a smaller size and weight.

    The Software of LeapFrog tables can be more expensive when compared to the rest, but the benefit of the software for educative and fun purposes.


    Aside from LeapFrog, VTech also produces a kid’s tablet for young children between ages 3-6. When they grow older, let say 6 or 7, they detach themselves from ‘toddler’s tablet’ and will begin to demand something a bit more matured.

    Without a doubt, your kids can identify a ‘proper’ tablet, since they see one with you. Your Apple iPad or Android tablet. The iPad 10.2 is actually cheaper than the iPad mini and can be bought from Apple for £349. A refurbished iPad mini device from the official website of Apple is also a good option for a grown-up kid.

    It is important to buy your kid a tablet with restricted internet access, where he or she can only access educative materials from the internet and not adult materials. Ensure the kid’s tablet has no internet and limit them to educative apps and games already installed on the device. Exposing to the World Wide Web at a very young age is not a good idea as the internet space is not yet regulated and information of any sort flies around easily.

    Carefully read through our review and make the best decision for your kids.

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