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    Lil Pump Net Worth – how Rich Lil Pump is in 2019?

    Lovers of rap music must have come across popular rapper with the name Lil Pump. He is one of the most popular music rappers and producers in America. The album that made him a household name in the United States of America was the famous ‘Gucci gang.’ Each of these has had a great impact on improving Lil Pump’s Net Worth to be estimated at around $6million.

    Born in Florida, Lil Pump was brought up in an annoying environment. He was brilliant academically but had a keen interest in music from childhood. He had much inclination towards the rap music genre and was inspired by so many actors including Chie Keef.

    His musical journey began at just 15. In next to no time, He started his full-fledged musical career. Lil Pump joined with his pal, SmokePurpp. The music was produced by SmokePurpp, and Pump had to make a piece of freestyle music over a rap beat.

    There is a lot to be revealed about him in this write-up. At the end of this article, you will know all the basic facts about the career of this great personality, including Lil Pump Net Worth.

    And talking about his net worth, he was previously claimed to be worth about $150,000 in the year 2017. But following the massive success of his hit song ‘Gucci Gang’ and his deal with Warner Bros, the rapper claimed in a video post on Instagram that he’s worth about $10 million!

    Surprisingly, he is only 17 years of age and he is already worth about 6.5 million dollars already.

    Who is Lil Pump? And His carrier information

    Real name Gazzy Garcia, known professionally as Lil Pump, the rapper and songwriter was born on 17th August 2000, in the City of Miami, Florida. In an interview with J. Cole in 2018, he mentioned that his parents originally came from Colombia and they split up when he was only six, his mother later relocated to Miami after the birth of Lil’s older half-brother.

    When the music producer clocked thirteen, Lil Pump met Omar Pineiro, professionally known as Smokepurpp through his cousin, Lil Ominous; the two later partnered to do great stuff in music. Lil Pump and Smokepurpp were sent packing from several district schools. The rapper, thereafter, joined an opportunity high school but was also sent packing while in tenth grade for inciting a riot and fighting.

    The professional career of Lil Pump officially started in 2016, when the music star began uploading tracks to music site Soundcloud. Unknowingly, people got to love his music so much, that he has about 100 million streams. Amazing! isn’t it?

    As per a YouTube video post, the now-famous Lil Pump’s backpack was stolen, and the culprits disclosed his passport to the world, and discovered the real name of the musician – Gazzy Garcia!

    He is surrounded by a lot of controversies, mostly because of his rebellious attitude. Aside from being kicked out from school when he was a tenth grader, the rapper was banned from social media site twitter a number of times because of the kind of pictures he posts. Photos with machine guns, and X-rated videos!

    The rappers’ most successful song is still Gucci Gang, which was released in October of 2017 and had over 890 million views on Youtube! Lil Pump penned a deal with Warner Bros and Tha Lights Global.

    He used social media app Twitter to influence a beef with fellow rapper J Cole, and he went ahead to record and posted a diss video with a part of the lyrics: “Fu*k J Cole!”.

    Alongside with Smokepurpp, Lil Pump in 2016 went on a “No Jumper tour”, and performed at the Rolling Loud Festival.

    On the 22nd of February 2019, he released “Harvard Dropout” his second music album which was earlier postponed on many occasions. However, fans of the rapper can at-long-last enjoy his 16 new tracks!

    So far in Lil Pump’s music career, he has collaborated with famous artists such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert, Offset, YG and 2 Chainz. The musician also announced a major tour with Lil Skies in the year 2019.

    What is the current net worth of Lil Pump and How did he get so Rich?

    According to widespread media reports, Lil Pump’s net worth in 2019 is about 10 million dollars.

    Each year, it’s reported that Lil Pump banks $3 million. The majority of the musician’s income comes from record sales and tours around the world.

    Aside from record sales of his music and sold-out tours, his record deals are very lucrative. When Lil Pump finally penned a deal with Warner Brothers, the music deal was believed to worth about $8 million.

    The American makes thousands of U.S dollars monthly from adverts that run while his musics are streaming online.

    Additionally, the artist makes hundreds of thousands of U.S dollars for his brilliant work endorsing products and doing commercials for big brands

    Conclusion :

    The wealthy artist is known for his heavy drug use, which is why it has come as a huge surprise to many, the announcements that he’s quit consuming certain drugs.

    In the first month of 2018, he said that he has quit consuming Xanax. It was a thing the rapper was committed to along with Smokepurpp. But it is not clear if that’s something Lil Pump remained committed to.

    Earlier in 2019, he told the press that he had stopped smoking marijuana, news that left everyone shocked. Not surprisingly, a few days later, he posted on Instagram a video of himself smoking weed with the caption “What, you thought I quit? Are you dumb?”

    Our research revealed that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and the music star is unmarried, but he has said severally that he would like to date Miranda Cosgrove, who happens to be seven years older than the Lil Pump.

    The Carly star even went on a date with him after her supporters begged her to give the music star a chance.

    It will interest you to know that the only two Instagram accounts that Lil Pump follows are Harvard University and Miranda.

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