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    Is putlocker safe and legal to use for watching movies in 2019

    Putlocker is file hosting websites used to stream entertainment media, like movies and television series, with no cost attached to it, unlike Netflix. The initial Putlocker site originated in the UK in the year 2011, and boast of millions of visitors daily after the sudden shutdown of another of its kind Megaupload.

    In the 5th month of 2016, a high court in the UK ordered that the streaming be blocked in the country and just before it was temporarily blocked in the United Kingdom, at its peak, prior to a temporary closure in late 2016, the site was ranked among the top 250 most-visited sites in the world by Alexa Internet. Putlocker has since been reported to MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) as a piracy threat.

    The domain address of Putlocker has been changed on several occasions throughout its existence, with the most recent being that of the putlockers.ch. A court in Luxembourg ordered the suspension of the domain names and was transferred to the EuroDNS.

    As it stands, it is not clear to the public whether a formal or official Putlocker site operated by the original owners still exists on the internet today, but what we know is that fifty mirror or proxy sites, many of which make use of the Putlocker name, have at some point or the other been identified.

    Is Putlocker legal and safe?

    The legality and safety of Putlocker seriously depend on the exact location you are on planet earth that you are trying to access the website from. As earlier mentioned, the original Putlocker website was blocked in the United Kingdom by ISPs following a court order in the country.
    Ever since there have been numerous claims of people who have used the name of the site being sent notices of copyright infringement by their ISP. But, the major offense is streaming contents of copyright without adequate or no permission, not accessing the streaming website itself. In many nations, just accessing the website, or making use of the site to locate non-copyright protected materials is not illegal.

    Now that there are several mirrors of the Putlocker website, probably operated by many people around the world. Any website that offers such a service is doing so to make money. As regards Putlocker and its several mirrors, including the one’s advertising.

    It’s very possible that all the adverts you see on it are legal and not harmful. But, normally when a website grows on the back of allowing access to pirated material or content there’s a high risk of it harboring adware or malware.

    Also, as a matter of fact, there’s no way you can detect whether the content Putlocker indexed is harmful or not. You can ask yourself if that link to the series ‘Game of Thrones’ really what it looks to be? Or is the link one that will lead to you downloading onto your phone or laptop a Trojan virus?

    The honest and simple answer to the safety question ‘is Putlocker really safe to watch films on’ is that it’s better to assume Putlocker is not safe and be extremely careful if you opt to make use of the streaming site.

    Safe Method of using Putlocker To Watch Online Movies:

    In as much as we advised you earlier to see Putlocker as unsafe, some readers will still be hell-bent on watching movies on the site. For the sake of people like that, we will offer you a safe method of using Putlocker to watch movies.

    At least, for fans of the website, you must endeavor to use a VPN (a virtual private network) when you are accessing the website. Using a Virtual Private Network will help you hide your IP address and sort of encrypt traffic between your PC and the ‘unsafe’ website.

    Another important safety measure or the safest safety measure is to make use of good antivirus software to always scan your Computer each time you try to satisfy yourself by visiting Putlocker and constantly afterward.

    Don’t worry there are more sites like putlocker as follows:

    Mind you, Putlocker is not the only website that offers movie streaming service. We have several other sites that offer similar service to movie freaks across the world. So if you are a sucker for watching free movie on the internet and seek alternatives to Putlocker, we present to you four (4) other sites below:

    1. FMovies:

    screenshot taken from FMovies

    This is an internet platform where you can visit and check many movies online. If you are a sucker for online movies, this will surely interest you as you can stream as many movies as you desire. FMovies also has many categories. All the features on the site are clearly stated in such a way that you can view the film categories clearly.

    On FMovies’ homepage, users will find suggestions for TV shows and movies. What will interest you most about this site is that it accompanies the movie in High Definition quality, isn’t that amazing? Clients who dependably stay conscious will find this useful.

    2. Go Movies:

    screenshot taken from GoMovies

    At GoMovies, you can watch all your favorite movies and TV series anywhere and anytime. Watching fils on this site makes it quite easy to see all the latest and the most famous movies. Conveniently, users can watch movie content on GoMovies freely.

    All movie genres are available on this website such as horror, comedy, sci-fi or action movie. You can also stream TV series easily at this site. All for free, GoMovies shares a wide variety of content to the public.

    It will interest you to know that this site has an attractive user interface, which makes the site user-friendly. And unlike many other sites, you need not create an account to watch any movie or TV series on GoMovies.

    The only reason why you might need to create an account is when you need to upload content on the website.

    With GoMovies, you can watch movies anywhere and get entertained with the great viewing experience.

    3. Showbox:

    screenshot taken from showbox site

    ShowBox became a promising streaming site when 123Movies was shut down. With a reliable and smooth user interface that makes it easy for users to get familiar with, this site offered movie freaks with TV shows and movies of all time as well as all the recent shows also.

    The ShowBox website hosts great servers which permit the internet users to either watch the movie online or download it on their mobile phones or computer. The app has various sections for different genres, and the internet user can pick their preferences by pressing on the available filter option.

    Interestingly, all genres of movies are watchable and downloadable on Showbox, seen as an alternative to Putlocker and 123Movies.

    Navigating through the left sliding menu, internet users will be able to choose different categories such as TV shows, movies, news and watch the movie trailer of recently launched movies.

    The Showbox app can be downloaded for Android enabled devices, and internet users can easily access its database and content from their mobile phones also. This site has become very popular because of its incredibly high torrent speed, promising content and good GUI.

    4. SolarMovie:

    screenshot taken from SolarMovie

    Without a doubt, the SolarMovie streaming site is one of the most famous platforms on the internet for watching famous TV series and movies. This is a good alternative to Putlocker. SolarMovie provides quality videos at all times.

    One of the reasons why this site stands out is because it has all varieties of movies such as drama, comedy, and action movies, etc. SolarMovie is a whole package for internet-based streaming and it is available for everyone for free.

    The streaming website shows movies in High Definition format unlike other sites and for watching movies, you need not register.

    Users can freely watch Musical, Action, Mythological, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance, War, Animation, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Adventure, Documentaries and Biography, on the website. SolarMovie can be used in a lot of countries like the United Kingdom, India, Korea, France, Thailand, and Hong Kong.


    The Putlocker website is only legal depending on the current location where you reside and it certainly not safe to the average internet user. For the average user, it is important you read carefully this post to guide you safely through Putlocker.

    The site’s advertisement strategy is intentionally designed inherently to not be entirely safe for users. This kind of advert brings in the most cash for sites so it is only natural that Putlocker, a site with no genuine cash flow, must make money by all means.

    If you desire to keep private your usage of Putlocker, then ensure to use a Virtual Private Network. Using a proxy is actually useless and can make your experience worse.

    If you found this article useful and have friends that use the Putlocker website perhaps share it with them so they can be better informed.

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