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    How 21-yr-old Nigeria undergraduate earned 5M Naira ($15,000) a month trading Forex

    Hi there, dear readers. Today, I would like to tell you a story that changed my 21year-old friend’s life and turns him into a 7figure forex trader.

    First things first, let me introduce myself. I’m Aje and currently living in Abuja.


    I hope you agree with me when I say?

    Growing up in a developing country like Nigeria can be a big task.

    Most especially if you are from a mid-income earning family. 

    This is why many starts to seek many other alternatives to support the family at a young age. However, it was a different story for Frank. He wanted to be an Electronic Engineer.

    He never sees himself doing anything else. Electronic Engineering is now within reach after gaining admission to the prestigious University of Lagos. Despite coming from an indigent family, his parent was able to struggle and get the first year school fees to allow him to fulfill his dream of becoming an Engineer. 

    It was at the University of Lagos, UNILAG that he met friends that introduced him to trading Forex. Frank was reluctant about it because he felt it will affect his education but his lack of adequate financial support from homemade him consider the option of trading Forex.

    This was after they had finished the second semester 100 level examination. So it is a great opportunity for him to take his time and access what he could gain. He was also just turning 21 which means he needs to be a man more for himself rather than calling home for every little thing needed. 

    Frank began his search for knowledge on trading Forex by following what his friends told him and showed him. He was beginning to get confused when it seems his friends were not showing him how to make good money from the business. 

    The internet is a global village that can connect anyone across the world to any information you seek to know, as long as you are willing to be patient with the process. There goes the beginning of the journey to wealth for 21-year-old Frank.

    He learned the principle of trading forex. How to cash out big on forex. How the real players in the industry do it and how not to be greedy in the forex market. Interpreting the market is also another key element he learned within a short period.

    In less than a month during the vacation, Frank already understood the ways to make it big in Forex. He can read the market effectively without needing his friends’ assistant. He knows all that is needed to succeed in the forex business. It was at this point he started cashing out big.

    All he needed to do was trade with just $1(365 Naira) but he later did with only $100(36500 Naira) which was given to him by his uncle for his next session upkeep for the whole session. The gamble he took to use his money for forex was because he had already mastered how the forex market work after running the demo section for some time. He needed to now try it out.

    He began trading in bits and was looking at the curves and trends of the market. He equipped himself with the stock history of each trade and was willing to search for information at any cost.

    He ensured he understood every trade he was making and ensure that the risk was worth taking. As each day pass by, he didn’t need to spend every minute monitoring the market.

    He already understood what he needs to know. So each day, he spends lesser time on the whole forex business and by the time school was resuming fully, Frank already had $15,000  (5million Naira) in his account. This is only in profit as it does not include the money he still has in the market. 

    I know many are eager to learn everything Frank has learned to be where he is today. We all want to make more in life and be our boss. What it takes is we willing to sacrifice just a few hours and little commitment to becoming the next person that will make a difference in the family. 

    Would you like to follow Frank’s step?


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